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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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were also driving around in a black toyota camry but until they can produce additional evidence, it's too early in the investigation to determine whether they are responsibility for both crime sees. police have determined that white chevy that he was stolen the morning of the jog are robberies and assaults. if you have information, call them at 410-396-2455. >> thankfully we haven't had another weekend like before where dozens were shot. local leaders have been taken to the streets for a string of rallies called the 300 men march and enough is enough. they have been pushing for men to stand up. today nosily and the -- mosley
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and others stood up. >> we have had this recent uptick in violence. as a council person i have received calls from people saying i'm scared to sit on my porch or send my child to school. i'm getting in the house before it turns dark. >> mosley is calling on the men of baltimore to act. friday mosley and scott will be meeting up for a combined demonstration in west baltimore in the 2900 block of el gin avenue and they're hoping the men of baltimore will show up. there was a scare at the office of congressman elijah cummings. there was a suspicious device. so police were called. the congressman said it was not an explosive device but made to appear that way. cummings said he frequently
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receives threat but none like this. >> now we sadly have reached a climate where that's not unusual since we get these kinds of threats on a weekly basis. >> congressman cummings salted there was no note or message with the device. the police and the fbi all responded and the building has been deemed safe. if you're following on us twitter, then you knew about it before anyone else. follow us at abc2. a man is under arrest accused of defrauding an anne arundel roofing and siding company. they say he would place an order for shingles under the company's name and then put the material up for seam under craigslist and the company would be billed. >> this is fairly unusual. we don't have many cases like this and the person absolutely knew what three were doing to be able to orchestrate something
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like this. it was a $3800 transaction. we were able to recover the rooftop shingles. >> he is charged with felony theft and identity fraud no now to an abc exclusive. 21-year-old brendan mcdonough lost 19 brothers in june but the sole survivor is speaking out about what happened that terrible day. mcdonough would have been with the other 19 who died in the fire but the captain made a decision to save his life. he was put on lockout, which meant he had to look on from a distance as his fellow firefighters were swept up by fire. >> i was still with our vehicles in one of the buggies. i could hear phones ringing, knowing it was their wives,
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their family. i sunk into my seat. i sunk into myself. i couldn't think. >> mcdonough has been to 19 funerals trying to put on a brave public face and stay strong for the families. >> on the heels of mcdonough's first funeral we have found that 13 of them are fighting for death benefits. they were classified as seasonal workers, making them ineligible. it's the first time an amber alert has been issued to all cell phones in california. >> police are hoping the public will help them in the frantic search for a 16-year-old girl whose mother and possibly brother were found dead. >> we have the latest on the race to find this little girl
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who they believe was kidnapped by the man suspected in her mother's death. >> reporter: an international manhunt is underway for james dimaggio. he kidnapped hannah. hannah's father made this plea to dimaggio, someone he had considered a family friend. >> let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. hannah, we all love you very much. if you have lap chance, you take it. you run. >> reporter: amid the ashes detectives found the body of haah's mother, christina, along with the remains of a child close friends believe is hannah's brother ethan. however, authorities have not officially identified the remains. an jep lena said the children knew dimaggio as uncle jim.
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>> i know hannah did say she was creeped out when jim said he had a crush on her. >> we know hannah is in danger. we don't know where they are or if they're in this country. >> reporter: detectives are following several leads from texas, to canada to mexico thanks in part to the first amber alert issued to all california cell phones as this community holds out hope. dimaggio is believed to be driving a blue nissan versa but police say he may have ditched that car for another. the cleveland house of horrors was reduced to a pile of rubble, the place where three women were held hostage and tortured for a decade is demolished. a woman is punched in the face while being questioned by police. what officers said prompted the violence. >> and moms stage a nurse in.
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you'll never be able to knock down the pain but you can knock down the house. we have more on the demolition of the home where three young women were held captive for more than a decade. >> reporter: a house of horrors, hidden in plain site where ariel castro held three women captive for a decade. viewing the first below, the aunt of gina dejesus, taking the controls of a back ohio and pullinged lever, tearing open the cell where the women once lived.
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>> i said i can do it and it felt good. >> reporter: it was an emotional moment for a community looking for healing, three months after those women were finally freed. prosecutors said $22,000 in cash found in the home were offer to the victims but they refused. >> amanda, gina and michelle said no they want to give it back to the neighborhood. >> reporter: today michele knight returned to the scene with yellow balloons. >> i go from here as being a motivation hall speaker and let ever everybody -- everybody know that they're heard, that they're loved land there's hope for everyone. >> reporter: prosecutors said cass tre cried when he signed over his deed, saying there were many happy memories there.
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she was accused of shoplifting but even if she was found guilty this was not the appropriate punishment. surveillance videos were rolling as she was being punched in the head. the man doing the punching, a police officer. >> i was asking why was this happening. i was crying. i was screaming, begging for somebody to help me. >> she was eventually take tonight hadn't and jailed. she said she lost 60% of her vision from the beating. the officer said she bit him and that's what prompted the violence. she's working on a law south and the officer is back on the street. watch has this car slides right into a gas station, rolling over hitting the pylons. the driver was okay, enough to jump out and hail a cab. >> usually all day long someone's sitting right there on
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that bench, so a good thing no one was there. >> police are looking for the driver but said the car he crashed was rental. hopefully, he got the insurance. >> declined the waiver on that one. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. we anticipated more numerous showers this afternoon, just haven't seen them. a couple of thunderstorms blossoming in northern west virginia and in the cumberland area if your travels take you out to west of hancock, west of hagerstown, there will be wet roads in that direction. cope that in mind. hoist, for most of us staying dry. now future radar indicating just hit or miss activity. as owe go beyond that no the day on friday looks like more robust showers breaking out and lasting no friday evening. wherever your travels may take you realize the showers and
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storms could be in the offing as we push toward the tame and of the week. this is a great asset to have. you'll get the watches and warnings wherever you are. annapolis today a gray, ugly sky, man, little sun breaks through here and there but not much. pretty robust chop on the seven river on a -- severn river. 79 at bwi. dew point 72. humidity has come up. days getting ever shorter. we're a matter of days before our sun sets before 8 p.m. so that will be a sign of back to school. still have some summer left. you can probably get out on the lakes. watch out for a passing shower. the possibility at left of a stray thunderstorm there. uv indices we'll call it medium, high humidity on the lakes. temperatures are going to be is very to come tonight because of the high humidity level falling
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slowly through the 70s on a south wind which continues to crank up. the dew point numbers are back, above 70 where you get into that uncomfortable range. humidity high and home set to push higher as we go into the day on thursday. certainly that could fuel more showers. there's a waive in the mountains as it crosses from west to east. certainlily can't rule it out. beyond that, weigh do see drier hair back into the northern plain states but it's going to be slow to get in here. this front which was stalled out, this will be a slow, slow mover. in fact it may only get into maryland this weekend and stall, which is not a great scenario for the weekend because that will keep things unsettled and somewhat less sunny for the weekend. by the way temperatures ramping up higher. we'll make this into the mid-80s
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up and down the mid-atlantic. by the way, the tropics which have been rather quiet and benign, may be heating up a little bit, north of the venezuela area. we'll see if the hurricane hunters head there. tonight down to 69. tomorrow 86, variably cloudy and basically a chance for rain. we have this keep it in there although i don't think it will be a steady rain. the next few days, the chance for showers continue. the weekend forecast. we've had to adjust this slightly in the sense that i think the shower chances could ling are into the first part of it. now some of this looks pretty darn good in the mid-80s. machine day and tuesday look like our dryest days in the outlook. hey, one of those patterns, on and off, on and off. >> better than yesterday. so the jay z timberlake condition shirt tomorrow.
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>> some hit and miss showers. it looks better tomorrow night. >> what's your favorite is being? >> i don't know. i don't think about that. >> all right. many american embassies abroad are still shut down tonight. edward snowden is in hiding in russia and the president talked all about it. >> in addition to fielding questions about the late night appearance, the white house is handling reaction to the president's decision to have a one on one with putin. president obama's decision was in the surprising after last night's comments. >> there have been times where they three back into the cold war thinking and cold war mentality. what i have consistently said to them is that's the past. >> for their part russian officials said they're dells appointed there wouldn't be a meeting, that the invitation is still on the table.
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a restaurant institute as ban on children, no kids allowed after 7 p.m. it's a poll to create an adult atmosphere but does it punish parties. >> and a mom is kicked out of a coffee shop after a boy has a meltdown.
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it's tonight ease hot topic. you hire a babysitter. you sit down at your favorite restaurant. even though you left your kids at home, you're surrounded by other people's screaming
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children. one popular restaurant in houston was fed up so they instituted a no kids after 7 policy. that's right, children under eight are not allowed to sit down with mom and dad at that restaurant. the restaurant is in houston, texas but it's a hot topic. head to and weigh. would you appreciate a kid-free dining experience or do you think it's discrimination? this restaurant is fed up with their pint sized customers. it's a coffee shop. a lady is speaking her mind on social media. she was behind the count are of the coffee shop she owns. a little boy was with his mom and launched into a meltdown. >> i said you ladies are going to have to leave. you're welcome to come back but you can't bring your children.
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>> not only did she kick them out but she went to the facebook page and showed the mess he left behind. one person was so angry they decided to drag him behind his truck. she pulled down the post. a local mom was asked to put a plank cet over her son while -- breast feeding on a flight. >> do you need to start locking your car while getting gas. thieves are snatching purses while you're at the pump. >> there was a scare for r&b superstar usher. his son nearly drowned. now the tragedy could become part of a custody battle. >> a dreary day. when will the sun fight back.
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we'll take a crack when we come back right here on abc2 news at 5:00. stick around.
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tonight joggers carrying smartphones are becoming targets. a group of robbers went after three different victims. police are asking people to watch out for a white tahoe and a black camry. if you have any information you're asked to call baltimore police. the number is 410-396-2455. the all clear has been given after a scare at the office of congressman elijah cummings. a staffer noticed a suspicious device. the congressman said it wasn't an explosive device, but it looked like one. >> a man was arrested for a
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scheme. he used craigslist to put sheeningles up for sale and the company would be billed. he is charged with identity theft and fraud. take a look at the satellite view from up above. you see the clouds holding tough. we have a few breaks of sunshine. to the west thunderstorm action, northern west virginia, southwestern pennsylvania. you see the storm tops. so far, the rain has been limited across maryland today. we've seen some shower action breaking out near the cumberland way. so i-68 west, west of hancock, west of hagerstown, that's where we have the wet weather. otherwise, generally dry. it will stay warm and humid. you can go out and get that walk in, maybe walk the dog. it could be drizzly by your morning look. we'll talk about this unsettled pattern.
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let's head over to meteorologist mike masco. >> we had a sure that rolled through towson. it made this feel muggier. take a look at the dew points. yeah. it's another muggy day. it's not about the heat but the dew point. it's running from 624-0872. when you get to that threshold, that's when you're talking about a humid afternoon. take a look at the normal high. should be 86. it was a struggle. we'll match that in the low 80s but that's below average from where we should be. so the dew point values are running into the 60s and low 70s for basically every city in the east coast. if you're wondering where the heat is, you have there g dallas, texas, which is roasting at 104. take a look at the setup. cold front out to the west. that cold front will be a trig are in the atmosphere. that's going to fire up showers and thunderstorms this. will start on thursday out to
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the west. that's when the next shot of storms exist. by friday storms in central maryland. this is not going to be a deal where it rains every single hour of each dray but it will be damp and unsettled. we'll talk about this forecast, ugly forecast. that's coming up in a bit. guys? >> to make sure you stay ahead of the ugliness, use the abc2 storm shield app. it will send real time weather alerts to your phone. if you don't have this go to we want to update you on a story we told you about last nit at 11:00. moms held a nurse in. this was in response to a law enforcement mother onboard a flight. she was asked by a flapped to use a -- flight attendant to use a blanket while breast feeding. so moms showed up to nurse in fron


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